ALW talks to Clare Balding about his illustrious career, in this Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series conversation.

“I’m just so lucky…I’ll just go on doing it till I drop,” said composer Andrew Lloyd Webber of a life well-lived, at JW3 cultural centre in London on 13th November 2019. Lloyd Webber was interviewed by Clare Balding, one of Britain’s leading broadcasters and authors, and reflected on a fruitful career that is in no danger of slowing down.

Not only a prolific composer, Lloyd Webber has done a lot of work through his own Foundation to make the arts more accessible and in using music as a force for educational good. He noted one scheme at a school in Highbury, North London of which he was particularly proud, where children are given a free violin when they join. The school had been in special measures, and the scheme had helped to empower children and turn it around.