JW3 welcomes Paris-based mezzo-soprano, extemporizer, composer, artistic director and producer, Sofia Falkovitch to perform her new album ‘Soul Sisters’.  

Her album presents a new concept and original arrangements of traditional Jewish songs, as well as two of Sofia Falkovitch’s own compositions, including a lullaby from her maternal grandmother that opens the album.

Sofia Falkovitch


Sofia is the first female cantor (hazzan) ever trained and ordained in Europe and remains the only one in the history of France. Today she leads an active international career. Sofia’s primary aim is to pass on and share her love for these musical treasures inherited from previous generations. Sofia is an ambassador of her faith and a leading voice of her generation 


Soul Sisters album on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7irgQgylUOZhZVuQHHVRuc?si=G2v67bNJTCyMB6Ost4ErmQ

Sofia's Official Website: www.sofiafalkovitch.com

Sofia's Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/sofiafalkovitch

Pizzicato Article (in both German & English): https://www.pizzicato.lu/seelenschwestern-fur-traditionelle-melodien/


Raphaël Bougy

- Cello

Born in Caen, Raphaël Bougy studied with Stéphane André, then with Xavier Gagnepain at the PSPBB, and with Marie Hallynck at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he obtained his master's degree with "great distinction". At the same time, he obtained first prizes in harmony, counterpoint, fugue, generative improvisation and orchestration at the CNSM in Paris, as well as a degree in musicology. Eager to multiply his musical experiences, he enjoys performing in chamber music, in orchestras, or in projects gathering musicians from various horizons, dancers and actors. Holder of the Certificate of Aptitude, he teaches the cello at the Conservatory of Vincennes.

Pouya Mahmoodi

- Persian Shourangiz, Kurdish Iranian Tanboor & traditional Setar

Pouya Mahmoodi has been forging a new path for Iranian music, weaving together the seemingly disparate threads of Persian classical tradition and rock, jazz, and blues.He was the lead singer and guitarist of the pioneering Iranian band BARAD who released an album on Hermes Records. His debut solo album Mehr (Faryaad; US release date February 19, 2008) showcases his virtuosic interweaving of musical worlds, drawing on elements that make Iran’s music unique. It also features the unmistakable work of Billy Cobham, co-founder of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and legendary jazz and rock drummer, on two tracks.

Please note

This event will take place in the building only. 

A booking fee of £2 will be added to all orders.

Location - Howard Hall Date - Thu 07 September 2023 8:00pm


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