At JW3 we hold our core values close to our heart. They guide how we behave and inform our decision making. Amongst these are the values of Community (קהילה), Inclusivity (הכללה), Lovingkindness (חסד) and Leading by Example (דוגמא אישית).

With these values in the forefront of our mind, we believe we have a responsibility to do everything reasonable to ensure the safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff during this difficult period.

In order to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy all JW3 services and activities in as safe and secure way as possible, we have taken the decision to go above and beyond the current Government guidelines. For now, and at least until the end of the summer:

·         We require everyone age 12 or over who comes into JW3 (unless exempt) to wear a mask upon entering the building and whilst standing or moving around inside.

·         Whilst it will be voluntary, we encourage our audiences to choose to keep masks on when sitting in an event.

·         We will continue to run all of our events at reduced capacity  to ensure space is kept between parties; and we encourage our visitors to practice safe distancing from people not in their household

·         We are asking all staff, visitors and volunteers to avoid coming to JW3 if they have any symptoms or need to self-isolate.

·         We encourage, where possible, all staff, visitors and volunteers to take a lateral flow test before a visit to JW3, and to not come in if results are positive.

With these rules in place, we feel confident that we can continue to offer our wide range of services, events, activities, programmes for the widest range of people possible, without compromising the health and safety of anyone who visits our Jewish Community Centre.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Raymond Simonson


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