Join Jake Wallis Simons, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, as he discusses his new book Israelophobia with TV broadcaster Rob Rinder.

In the Middle Ages, Jews were hated for their religion. In the twentieth century, they were hated because of their race. Today, Jews are hated for something else entirely, their nation-state of Israel. Antisemitism has morphed into something both ancient and modern: Israelophobia. But how did this transformation occur? And why?

Award-winning journalist Jake Wallis Simons answers these questions, clarifying the line between criticism and hatred, exploring game-changing facts and exposing dangerous discourse.

Urgent, incisive and deeply necessary, Israelophobia reveals why the Middle East's only democracy, which uniquely respects the rights of women and sexual and religious minorities, attracts such disproportionate levels of slander. Rather than defending Israel against all criticism, it argues for reasonable disagreement based on reality instead of bigotry.

Through charting the history of Israelophobia - starting in Nazi Germany, travelling via the Kremlin to Tehran and along fibre optic cables to billions of screens - and using it to understand contemporary prejudice, this timely book will restore much-needed sanity to the debate, creating the space for mutual understanding, tolerance and peace.

At this special event, Jake Wallis Simons, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, will discuss his new book on the subject – described as “important and necessary” by Simon Sebag Montefiore and “excellent and fearless” by Howard Jacobson – with TV broadcaster and bestselling author Rob Rinder.

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This event will take place in the building only.

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Date - Tue 12 September 2023 7:30pm


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