Come and skate on JW3's ice rink this winter!

Sunday 10 December 2023 to 7 January 2024

Tickets can be booked online by visiting our JW3 Ice Rink page; by calling the Box Office on 020 7433 8988; or by visiting us and buying them in person.

Opening times and ticket prices vary.

A limited number of penguin stabilisers are available to hire; please pre-book to ensure availability during your session.

A £2 booking fee will apply to all orders. 

Ice Rink FAQs


What to do on arrival at JW3

Please bring your digital ticket, sent via SMS, or your order confirmation emails to the JW3 Box Office to collect your wristband. 

For busier sessions you may have to queue so please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your session starts.

Please ensure you read and abide by the SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS of the ice rink. If you are unsure or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff who will be pleased to help you.

What happens in bad weather?

The Ice Rink is open come rain or shine. Please dress according to the weather conditions on the day. You are advised to wear gloves to protect your hands from the cold, and to help to minimise injuries in the event of falling on the ice. Climatic conditions may cause a layer of water on the ice surface, this will not affect your skating and does not make it unsafe to skate. Although you may get wet if you fall over!

Minimum age and adult supervision

All children aged 9 and under must be accompanied on the ice by an adult.

All children aged 10-12 must be accompanied by an adult, although the adult need not be skating. 

Maximum of 5 children per adult. 

The child price applies to skaters under 16 years old. 


Skate hire is included. If you wish to bring your own skates please ask a member of staff to check their condition and suitability for our rink.

Available skate sizes are: 3-12 UK for adults and 10-14 UK for children.

Refund policy

No refunds will be made unless our management have found it necessary to close the ice rink due to health and safety or technical concerns. Customers are reminded that this is an outdoor event. Refunds due to adverse weather conditions will only be made if these weather conditions have necessitated the closure of the rink.


Please note that JW3's usual Terms and Conditions apply . 

We may take pictures or record audio during your visit to the building and by buying a ticket you consent to us using your image or voice for promotional purposes. If you would prefer to be excluded from this please contact the JW3 Box Office. 

Safety Rules


  • Do put your skates on in the skate change area — use seating provided
  • Do skate in an anti-clockwise direction unless directed otherwise
  • Do obey skating marshals/management
  • Do put litter in bins provided
  • Do ensure your skates are fitted correctly
  • Do wear suitable attire for outdoor skating
  • Do report any accidents to a member of staff
  • Do always listen and obey staff instructions


  • Do not go on the ice without skates
  • Do not litter
  • Do not take bags, phones or cameras on the ice
  • Do not eat or drink on the ice
  • Do not skate in chains (two holding hands is allowed)
  • Do not chip, throw or spray the ice
  • Do not carry people on the ice
  • Do not skate at excessive speed
  • Do not spin, jump or attempt acrobatic tricks
  • Do not walk in skates on the hard surfaces of the Piazza

Code of Conduct

Skaters and spectators understand and agree to the following:

By engaging in skating, both skaters and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of, and assume the risk of, skating which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Injuries that result from collision or contact with other skaters or other individuals who are on the skating surface
  • Injuries that result from falls
  • Injuries that involve objects or artificial structures that are within the properly intended path of travel of the skater

Skaters and spectators also agree to:

  • Maintain reasonable control of their speed at all times 
  • Maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters, objects or conditions on the surface of the rink
  • Accept responsibility for knowing the range of their abilities while on skates, and skate within the limits of that ability and as appropriate to the session on which they are skating 
  • Refrain from skating whilst under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substance 
  • Leave the surface of the ice when resurfacing maintenance is taking place, when sessions end or as directed by staff
  • Refrain from taking food and drink onto the rink surface
  • Refrain from acting in a matter that may cause or contribute to injury of themselves or any other person
  • Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercations with any other skater or spectator and engaging in abusive, abrasive or disorderly conduct
  • Not sit, climb or put feet on the barrier
  • We hold the right to refuse entry onto the ice to anyone not complying with the above.
  • Skaters asked to leave or removed from the Ice Rink area will not be refunded for their session fee if breaking this Code of Conduct.