UK Jewish Comedy Festival 2019

Thursday 5-Thursday 12 December

We are Jews. If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? If you tell us a joke about a Jewish boy telling his mother he got the part of the husband in the school play, so his mother says "Go back and tell the teacher you want a speaking part”,

do we not laugh?

JW3’s UK Jewish Comedy Festival returns for its 7th year, and we've got a line-up of some stellar comedians, featuring some of the finest UK and international comic talent around.

From a conversation about Freud and humour, through a valiant attempt to perform 30 plays in 1 hour, to last year’s Jewish Comedians of the Year making their triumphant return – this year we’ve got something funny for everyone.

Throughout the Festival we’ll be bringing you panels, conversations and comedy sets from some of the freshest Jewish comedians out there – from Sara Barron to Alex Edelman to the 10 moments that changed comedy, there’s a night of belly-aching laughter suited for everyone.


Thursday 5 December

7pm | Alex Edelman Show: After opening for Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais and Patton Oswalt, the award-winning Bostonian comedian and creator of “Peer Group” on Radio 4 is bringing his best jokes to JW3’s stage. Book now

8.30pm | World Tour of Jewish Comedy: Join Edinburgh Comedy Award-winner Alex Edelman for a live chat with Jewish comedians around the world, all from the comfort of our hall. Book now


Saturday 7 December

7pm | 10 Moments that Changed Comedy: Dan Patterson, creator of ‘Mock The Week’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, and legendary comic novelist and Man Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson, take us to the greatest moments in comedy. Book now


Sunday 8 December

1pm | Growing up Jewish - Short Films: Join us in the cinema for selection of films and shorts that explore the harsh reality, and hilarity of our awkward teenage years. Book now

4.30pm | You Don't Have to be Jewish to be Funny (But it Helps) - a conversation about Freud and Comedy: What is it about Jews and comedy? Come and discover the links between Freud, humour and Judaism in this Jewish Comedy Festival panel with Devorah Baum, Arnold Brown, Brian Kaplan and David Schneider. Book now

8.30pm | The Legacy of Jack Rosenthal - Maureen Lipman and Amy Rosenthal in Conversation: Living legend of the stage and screen Maureen Lipman will join award-winning playwright Amy Rosenthal, to discuss their shared love of Jack Rosenthal’s enduring legacy. SOLD OUT


Tuesday 10 December

11.30am | BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) Comedy: Having a baby no longer means saying good-bye to enjoying the best live comedy stars. Juliet Meyers, Ian Stone and Alyssa Kyria will make your babies wonder “why are mummy and daddy laughing so hard?”. Book now

6.30pm | Growing out Jewish - Bar Mitzvah Boy: A rare chance to see this absolute gem of a film, long regarded as one of Jack Rosenthal's best works, on the big screen. Book now


Wednesday 11 December

7pm | Sara Barron - ‘Enemies Closer’: 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer nominee and 2016 Jewish Comedian of the Year finalist, Sara Barron returns to JW3 with her new critically acclaimed show. Book now

8.30pm | Degenerate Fox Presents - The Dirty Thirty: Degenerate Fox are coming to JW3 with their valiant attempt to perform 30 plays in just 1 hour, served to order by your demand. Bravery? Foolery? A little of both and always funny! Book now


Thursday 12 December

8.30pm | Konstantin Kisin and Noam Shuster- Eliassi: Konstantin Kisin and Noam Shuster- Eliassi were jointly crowned Jewish Comedians of the Year 2018, and if you caught their sets at last year’s final then you probably already stopped reading and clicked the ‘Book now’ button.


*** ENCORE - One more day of comedy! ***

Sunday 15 December

3.30pm | Growing up Jewish - Slums of Beverly Hills: A rare chance to watch this classic a teenage girl struggling to grow up in 1976 in a lower-middle-class nomadic Jewish family. Book now

8.00pm | Becoming Electra - A Queer MitzvahOriginally developed with JW3 in 2018, this play explores what happens when Jewish and queer cultures collide. Book now