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Donate to JW3

Whether you feel more Boomer Jewish or more GenZ Jewish, you know you have a home at JW3.  

But what you may not know is that JW3 is a charity that relies on the generosity of people like you to keep doing the things you love.  

You might have been captivated by our dazzling concerts; wowed by our famed theatre productions; inspired by our world-renowned classes; starstruck by our celebrity speakers; satiated by our sumptuous Friday Night Dinners, or simply enjoyed a family day out at our Beach or Ice Rink. 

Whatever you love about JW3, we need your help to continue providing people with a chulent of Jewish experiences.

So, we don’t care if you feel more Boomer Jewish or more GenZ Jewish. We’re just asking you to be a little more JW3ish.

And donate whatever you can to JW3

5 Reasons To Donate To JW3

OK, you’ve made it this far. So why donate to JW3? Here are 5 reasons why what we do is so important:

  1. As the UK’s first and only Jewish community centre, we’re a safe space where you’re free to express yourself and explore your Jewish identity (we know, we’re quite the trend setters) 
  2. We bring people together from all parts of the community and encourage dialogue through our wide range of activities, events and educational classes
  3. A vibrant hub for Jewish arts, culture, life and learning, we drive conversation forward, raising awareness about important issues the affect the community - even if they’re difficult to hear
  4. There’s no judgement here - it’s a place where you’re always welcome, regardless of background, ethnicity, sexuality or race
  5. It’ll make your bubba proud 

Donate to JW3