Jack Rosenthal-penned comedy drama following three sets of parents as they chaperone their children through the selection process of Cambridge University.  

Eskimo Day is a tightly woven ensemble piece observing a diverse range of parent-child groupings on a single day of Cambridge interviews. As ever, Rosenthal's primary sympathies lie with the Northern working-class family, and Maureen Lipman grabs her role of superstitious matriarch with gusto. Anna Carteret and Tom Wilkinson portray middle-class parents whose marriage is less than secure and undermined by Wilkinson's dishonesty. When the offspring of these two couples meet outside the office of their interviewer (James Fleet), class differences and parental loyalties fade away, and the prospect of a new relationship suddenly seems more important than getting into Cambridge.  

One of two cinema events, celebrating the life and work of Jack Rosenthal at the JW3 this October.  

Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Piers Haggard
Stars: Maureen Lipman, David Ross, Benedict Sandiford

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