By You For You

Imagine the impact you could make, doing good for others, leading a cause that is important to you, entertaining your friends and family, meeting the needs of the community and more. On the By You For You project you can use your skills and ideas alongside the resources of JW3 to shape and create events and programmes.

Examples of existing volunteer-led projects/events:

  • Challah for Hunger – people meet every month to make and bake challah, which is sold by volunteers to raise money for a local homeless shelter.
  • Festive Lunch – every year around the festive period, for local people who are alone, a free lunch and great entertainment are provided.
  • Spielers – our amateur dramatics group, dreamt up by one of our members, is now in its 4th year, and has grown from strength to strength, with increased numbers of people involved, and annual sold-out shows.
  • Interfaith Seder Night – where local people from different faiths join together for a memorable evening a meal for an abridged Pesach Seder service meal.
  • The Great Get Together – planned and run by a couple of mothers and their teenage daughters, over 100 people came together to remember the late Jo Cox MP, and to celebrate community.

You can help with any or all of the stages of planning the event - from putting it together, promoting it - to delivery and support on the day. If you would like to get involved please send your ideas to

Please note - we cannot promise that every suggestion be carried forward but we will look at every idea and respond to you within a fortnight.  If different people come up with similar ideas, we would love to connect you to each other to work on them, with our support.