A short course looking at the essence of the Jewish story of exile and refuge, which is written all over our history.

The course will discuss the wisdom of Jewish tradition on what it means to be a wanderer and the strong moral value of the settled supporting the unsettled. It will be illustrated with historical and contemporary material from Jewish and many other sources, including first-person testimony, poetry film and traditional texts.  It is timed to lead up to the festival of Sukkot, which amplifies our sense of transition, our experience of vulnerability and our need for stability. Brace yourself: Angela is passionate about refugees. 

Angela Gluck has worked as a teacher, trainer and consultant to schools and local authorities. She is the author of over 40 books on aspects of religion and history, and broadcasts on these subjects. She devotes part of her work to teaching children, young people and adults in cross-communal settings. She is an active trustee of The Separated Child Foundation.

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Dates - - Doors - 2-3pm

£12 per session or £40 for the series

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