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Following Dr Pomeroy's successful course on the Jews of Iberia, she will share her immense expertise on the Jews of Salonika and surrounds.

Week 1: The historical background, the Ottoman Empire. Arrival of Sephardi Jews.

Week 2: Jewish institutions, communal organisation and administration, education, both religious and secular, welfare organisations, trades, industry and commerce.

Week 3: Culture. Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish press. Traditions and customs. The Sephardi household.

Week4: Advent of modernisation and westernisation in the nineteenth century and ending with the 1890 and 1917 great fires. 1912-13, the Balkans.

Hilary Pomeroy created and taught a course on the culture and history of Sephardi Jews in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University College London, for 15 years. She has published numerous articles and a book on Sephardi ballads from Morocco and lectured throughout Europe. She is currently editing a memoir from late-nineteenth century Salonica.

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