A two-part series by Aviva Dautch exploring the kosher crime scene.

From Batya Gur's pensive intellectual Michael Ohayon, finding bodies in kibbutzim and Israeli universities, to Harry Kemelman's Rabbi Small and his day-by-day escapades; from husband and wife duo Faye and Jonathan Kellerman's American murder mysteries to recent developments in Jewish Scandi-Noir, we'll explore the kosher crime scene and ask why detective fiction is such a heavily Jewish genre. You don't have to have read the books...just  be curious to find out about this intriguing literary genre.

Aviva Dautch is the Executive Director of Jewish Renaissance, the UK's Jewish arts magazine. She is a published poet, has a PhD in literature and lectures on modern Jewish literature weekly at JW3. She is a regular contributor to courses and programmes for the British Library, British Museum and BBC Radio 4 and LSJS.

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