The Black Lives Matter campaign following the killing of George Floyd in America raised a number of connected, and hotly contested, questions.

In the UK, public opinion divided (sometimes violently) about the rights and wrongs of a crowd destroying a statue of a slavetrading philanthropist in the middle of Bristol.

In this session we will consider the issues arising from this act and the reaction to it. Can we countenance statues to people who have misbehaved in public places and, if we can't, will any statue stand for long? Clive will include Jewish teaching on 'graven images'.

Clive Lawton OBE is an Educational consultant, a magistrate and a regular teacher and presenter at JW3 where his courses move between diverse subjects exploring literary, philosophical, historical and religious themes. One of the founders of Limmud, Clive has been a Headmaster, on the Metropolitan Police Authority and is now CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Independent Tribunal Chair for the NHS.

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Date - Wed 09 September 2020 8:00pm


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