The innovative cookery school, now at JW3

JW3 is delighted to bring uFoodie, the innovative North London based pop-up cookery school to JW3.

The uFoodie approach is based on the belief that food and cooking brings people closer together. uFoodie helps people to get rid of cooking related anxiety and bring the joy of cooking into their efforts.

uFoodie classes teach adults and children to cook, share, build skills and community. The perfect fit for JW3, don't you think?

Adult classes are open to everyone aged 16+, although under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Three brand new uFoodie courses are being offered at JW3 - two for adults and one for kids:


uFoodie Essentials


uFoodie Inspiration

Tuesdays 7-10pm   Thursdays 7-10pm

£60 | £55 web advance (per class)

£600 for the 12 week course


£60 | £55 web advance (per class)

If you are new to cooking or a cook with gaps in your basic knowledge, this series is for you. You can attend the entire series, which will give you an excellent foundation in home cooking, or buy single classes wherever you need to top up your skills.

20 February: Introduction To Cookery Skills

27 February: Soup & Bread

6 March: Eggs, Pasta, Rice

13 March: Chicken

20 March: Meat

17 April: Fish

24 April: Vegetables

1 May: Salads

8 May: Desserts

15 May: World Food

22 May: Shabbat

29 May: Jewish Festivals

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If you cook regularly but want to rev up your repetoire and be inspired with new recipes, these classes are ideal. The food created is enjoyed together at the end of the class.

1 February: Midweek Meals

8 March: Va Va Vegetarian

22 March: Midweek Meals

19 April: Sizzlin' Salads

26 April: Fab Fri Nites

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uFoodie Kidz



uFoodie is offering a selection of Sunday and half-term classes for children aged 9+. 

uFoodie wants to develop children’s skills and passion for food and cooking. Kids are far more able in the kitchen then we think and they would love the chance to cook a proper meal for the whole family to share!

The uFoodie Junior (ages 9-12) and Teen classes (ages 13-16) teach children how to cook real meals for the whole family. Classes include knife safety, chopping skills, heat safety and personal hygiene when cooking. Two main dishes will be taught, and children will share the meal after cooking.


uFoodie Kidz Sundays

£45 | £40 web advance per class

uFoodie Junior (ages 9-12): 28 Janaury, 15 April

uFoodie Teen (ages 13-16): 11 March, 29 April

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uFoodie Kidz Half Term

£45 | £40 web advance (per class)

uFoodie Half Term (ages 11+) Monday 12, Wednesday 14 and Friday 16 February, 10am - 1pm, lunch included.

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JW3’s Food & Drink program is sponsored by Neil Lerner Creative Kitchen Designs