October Half Term Scheme

23-27 October 2017

A week of wonderful activities, games and more, designed to be fun and engaging which are suitable for all children including those with additional needs. 

This half term we’re going to be following Alice down the rabbit hole for adventures in wonderland meeting many of her friends along the way. Each day experienced professionals will run activities including cooking, circus skills and drama & dance.  Plus our fully trained, in-house team of youth leaders will create fun and exciting sessions throughout the day. We’ll provide delicious and nutritious kosher food for lunch so no need to bring your own!

Monday – Cooking with Cooking Parties
Tuesday – Drama with Spencer Stage School
Wednesday – Circus Skills with The Circus People
Thursday –  Puppet Making with Oliver Hymans
Friday – Yoga & Mindfulness with YogaBugs

You can book each day or the entire week. Click the links below:

Ages 5-7, Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-2.30pm
£28 early bird until 15 October / £35 per child for Monday-Thursday

£25 early bird until 15 October /  £30 per child for Friday
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Ages 8-11, Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm Friday 10am-2.30pm
£28 early bird until 15 October / £35 per child for Monday-Thursday
£25 early bird until 15 October /  £30 per child for Friday
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What will my child be doing?
Each day the children get to do a mixture of specialist activities and a mixture of youth leader activities. Each day is designed to be engaging and interactive so that attendees get to do a variety of different, fun things.

Does my child need to be Jewish to attend?​
No, any child can join us on scheme and we promote an inclusive and friendly environment and there may be some content that relates to Jewish culture.

What will my child be eating?
Our in-house restaurant, Zest, provide kosher catering for scheme. The children have a selection of fruit at morning break and a biscuit at afternoon break. Lunches always include a salad bar and vary from pizza and pasta with tomato sauce and cheese (on the side), fish and/or falafel and chips or plain bagels with either cream cheese, egg, tuna or cheddar cheese fillings. We always provide a vegetarian option and can provide a gluten free option if requested beforehand.

My child is 4 years old, can they attend?
We cannot take children under 5 years of age on our scheme for legal reasons.

Can my child change age groups to be with their siblings/friends?
If a child is over 7 ½ then, dependent on there being space in the desired age group, we may consider moving them to the 8-11 age group. Similarly, if the child is under 8 ½ then we may consider moving them to the 5-7 age group. However, we will need to speak to the parents about this first to approve any move as scheme activities are designed to suit the particular age group and if they move they may find the activities too easy or hard.

My child has additional needs, is scheme suitable for them?
We always try to cater to children with additional needs on scheme and have a network of one to one support workers for children with additional learning needs. Please feel free to get in touch so we can talk to you about ways we can support your child, including cost implications.

I/my family are in receipt of statutory benefits, does this change the cost of Scheme?
Concessions are available for those families who are recipients of benefits. Please contact Box Office to discuss individual circumstances. Proof of the benefit will need to be provided.

Can I bring medication for my child?
The only prescribed medicines which will be held by JW3 staff are asthma inhalers and EpiPens which should be in the original container, labelled with the child’s name and dosage. Any other medication must be approved by the Programme Director in consultation with the parent/guardian. Antibiotics will not be stored or administered by JW3 staff. Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen may NOT be brought in.

What time do I pick up my child?
You can pick up your child in the afternoon between 3.50-4pm. We give this window of time for flexibility as we know that some parents might need to pick up children from other places. Please make sure you are on time - if your child is with us after 4pm we cannot guarantee entertainment or activities for them as we begin our preparations for the next day.

Do the leaders have specific training?
We provide training for our youth leaders and ensure they have plenty of experience working with children aged 5-11. They design and deliver their own creative activities and support our professionally facilitated workshops which they run daily. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy?
We do not refund tickets for scheme except in the unlikely event of cancellation.

Contact: schemes@jw3.org.uk