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Mind Sports Olympiad

Welcome to the 18th annual Mind Sports Olympiad – an olympics for the mind.

With over sixty different board game tournaments alongside free learn to play sessions for newcomers and families, the Mind Sports Olympiad has something for everyone. Competitions range from classics like chess, Scrabble and Go to newer games, including Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and Coal Baron. Card games figure too, with both poker and bridge, along with a general knowledge quiz, Stratego, shogi, and dominoes. Unique events include Tetris and a Computer Programming Championship, in addition to over a dozen world championships such as Memory, Mental Calculations and Creative Thinking.

Why not stretch your mind and join us at this international multi-disciplinary competition and festival. You can also drop by anytime and try a new game in our learn to play room, which is free and staffed by MSO instructors.

Brush up on your skills with our FREE warm-up events:

Tuesday 21 July at 7pm – Learn to Play Ticket to Ride (Europe)
Monday 10 August at 7pm – Simultaneous Chess

If you’d like to know more about specific games in the Mind Sports Olympiad please visit

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