JW3 TV Daily: 25 March

Mikhail Fridman & Natan Sharansky in Conversation

Two global Jewish leaders will discuss the current state of Israel-Diaspora relations, their vision on future opportunities to strengthen the bond between the Jewish people around the world and the challenges of Jewish communities in Europe and beyond. In a rare intimate setting, Mikhail and Natan will share their personal stories and how these stories shaped them into the Jewish leaders they are today. The conversation will be facilitated by the renowned James Harding, the Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC.

From Revolution to Putin, 1917-2017 (part one)

A century on from the Russian Revolution, the country has yet to find a way towards a western style democracy. Moreover, Putin's Russia appears in many ways to have similar autocratic trappings to that of the former Tsarist state. William Tyler, an experienced adult educator and LJCC scholar, trace Russia's torturous path over the last century.

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