JW3 TV Daily: 19 March

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH: Triumph over Adversity

From the start of her journey as a 5 year old Kindertransport refugee, through her next seven decades, Dame Stephanie Shirley CH has made a huge impact, after her early experiences made her determined to ‘make her life one that was worth saving.’ Being one of the pioneers of IT, her main passion today is research in autism. In this video, Dame Stephanie talkes honesty about her life and how it has shaped her into the person she is today, following her 2019 memoir ‘Let It Go’.

History of the Jewish émigrés from Central Europe

To celebrate 75 years of The Association of Jewish Refugees, we explored the heritage, culture and rich history of the Jewish émigrés from Central Europe who fled Nazi oppression and found refuge in Great Britain. In this panel, chaired by Frank Harding, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger discuss the legacy left behind.

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