JW3 Cinema


Tuesday 18 – Wednesday 19 – JW3 is closed for Yom Kippur

Thursday 20
2.30pm             Paradise
6.30pm             Cold War
8.20pm             Paradise


Friday 21
12pm                Christopher Robin
2.30pm             Cold War


Sunday 23
10am                Christopher Robin
12.10pm           BlacKkKlansman
2.45pm             Cold War


Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 – JW3 is closed for Succot

Wednesday 26
2pm                  Cold War
4pm                  BlacKkKlansman
6.30pm             Christopher Robin
8.45pm             Cold War


Thursday 27
12pm                Christopher Robin
2.30pm             BlacKkKlansman
6.30pm             Cold War
8.20pm             BlacKkKlansman


Friday 28
12pm                Faces Places
2pm                  BlacKkKlansman


Sunday 30
10.15pm          The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales
12pm               BlacKkKlansman
2.30pm            Faces Places



Wednesday 3
2.30pm             Faces Places
6pm                  BlacKkKlansman
8.30pm             Faces Places


Thursday 4
2.30pm             BlacKkKlansman
6.30pm             Faces Places
8.25pm             BlacKkKlansman


Friday 5
1.30pm              A Simple Favor


Sunday 7
2.30pm             The Seagull
6pm                  A Simple Favor
8.30pm             Wajib


Monday 8
10.30am           BabyKino: A Simple Favor
2.30pm             A Simple Favor
6.30pm             Wajib
8.30pm            The Seagull


Tuesday 9
2.00pm             Wajib
4pm                  A Simple Favor
7.15pm             Live Arts on Screen: The Importance of Being Earnest


Wednesday 10
2.30pm            The Seagull
6.30pm            Wajib
8.30pm            A Simple Favor


Thursday 11
2pm                 Wajib
4pm                 A Simple Favor
6.30pm            A Simple Favor
9pm                 Wajib


Friday 12
1.40pm            The Little Stranger


Sunday 14
11am                Christopher Robin
2pm                 Live Arts on Screen: King Lear (Encore)
6.15pm            The Little Stranger
8.30pm            The Wife


Monday 15
10.30am           BabyKino: The Wife
2.30pm             The Little Stranger
6.20pm             The Wife
8.30pm             American Animals


Tuesday 16
12.50pm          The Wife
3pm                 American Animals
5.30pm            The Little Stranger


Wednesday 17
2.30pm             American Animals
6.20pm             The Wife
8.30pm             The Little Stranger


Thursday 18
2.30pm              The Wife
6.30pm              The Little Stranger
8.45pm              The Wife


Friday 19
2pm                  Tehran Taboo


Sunday 21
11am                Christopher Robin
6pm                 Tehran Taboo
8pm                 The Wife


Monday 22
10.30am           BabyKino: The Miseducation of Cameron Post
2.30pm            Tehran Taboo
6.20pm            The Wife
8.30p               The Miseducation of Cameron Post


Tuesday 23
2p                   The Wife
4.30pm           Tehran Taboo
6.30pm           The Miseducation of Cameron Post


Wednesday 24
2.30pm            The Miseducation of Cameron Post
6.30pm            The Wife
8.30pm            Tehran Taboo


Thursday 25
2.30pm            The Wife
6.30pm            Tehran Taboo
8.30pm            The Wife


Friday 26
10.30am          First Man
1.15pm            First Man


Sunday 28
11am               First Man
2pm                 1945
5pm                 Live Arts on Screen: Die Walkure


Monday 29
2.30pm            First Man
6.20pm            1945
8.20pm            First Man


Tuesday 30
3pm                  1945
5.30pm             First Man
8.10pm             First Man


Wednesday 31
10.30am           BabyKino: First Man
2.30pm             First Man
6.20pm             1945
8.20pm             First Man


Wednesday 1
2.30pm            1945
6pm                 First Man
8.45pm           1945

January 2019


Sunday 13
2.00pm             Live Arts on Screen: Antony & Cleopatra (National Theatre Encore)  


Thursday 31
7.00pm            Live Arts on Screen: I’m Not Running (National Theatre)  



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JW3's Cinema is proud to be a part of a network of eight independent cinemas in London, committed to showing the very best non-mainstream cinema. The network is made up of Genesis Cinema, Rio Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, JW3, Rich Mix, Regent Street Cinema, ArtHouse Crouch End, and Lexi Cinema – all thriving and innovative cinemas in their own right. The Love Your Local Cinema initiative aims to champion London’s independent cinemas, offering audiences a truly memorable cinema-going experience in a way that only your local indie can.

This initiative is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.