JW3 Cinema



Thursday 18
1pm         The Keeper
3.30pm    UKJF: Holy Lands 
6pm         The Keeper
8.30pm    UKJF: Holy Lands

Friday 19 - Saturday 27 April Closed for Pesach

Sunday 28
11am      Dumbo
2pm       Box for Life
4pm       Private Album
6pm       Mid 90's
7pm       Live Arts on Screen, Encore: All About Eve (National Theatre) (JW3 Hall)
8.30pm  UKJF: Who Will Write Our History

Monday 29
10.30am      BabyKino: Mid 90's
1pm             Box for Life
3.30pm       Mid 90's
6pm            UKJF: Who Will Write Our History
8.30pm       Mid 90's

Tuesday 30
1.30pm     Mid 90's
3.30pm      UKJF: Who Will Write Our History
6.15pm     SERET: The Other Story *SOLD OUT*
8.35pm     SERET: Good Morning Son + Q & A


Wednesday 1

2pm          Private Album

4pm          Mid 90’s

6.30pm     Seret: The Essential Link

8.30pm     Seret: The Testament


Thursday 2

6pm          Seret: Past Life

8.45pm     Seret: Here & Now

4.30pm     Seret: Shalom Italia

6.30pm     Seret: Avenging Evil + Q&A

8.45pm     Seret: Cellfish + Q&A


Friday 3

11.30am   White Crow

2.30pm     Seret: Avenging Evil + Q&A


Saturday 4

Shabbat Building Closed


Sunday 5

1pm          Shoah: The Four Sisters

6.15pm     Seret: Laces + Q&A

8.40pm     Seret: The Unorthodox 

12pm        Seret: Tikkun Ha-Lamed of the Ha-Ari Hakadosh

2pm          Live Arts on screen: Encore: Faust (Royal Opera)

8.30pm     Seret: The Ancestral Sin


Monday 6

10.30am   BabyKino: White Crow

1.15pm     Girl

3.30pm     White Crow

6.30pm     Seret: Portraying the Religious & Secular Panel

8.30pm     Seret: Madam Yankelova’s Fine Literature Club + Q&A


Tuesday 7

1pm         Girl

3.30pm    UKJF: Above and Beyond

6pm         Girl

8.15pm    White Crow


Wednesday 8

1pm         White Crow

3.40pm    Girl

6pm         UKJF: Ben-Gurion, Epilogue with Short film

8.30pm    Seret: The Unorthodox


Thursday 9

1pm        White Crow

3.30pm   UKJF: Outdoors

6pm        Seret: The Other Story

8.30pm   Seret: Finita La Comedia


Friday 10

12.30pm Eighth Grade

3pm        The Sisters Brothers


Saturday 11

Building Closed for Shabbat


Sunday 12

10.30am Dumbo

1pm        Eighth Grade

3pm        Live Arts On Screen: An American in Paris

6pm        The lost Marx Brothers (Hall)

6pm        Sisters Brothers

8.30pm   UKJF: The Samuel Project


Monday 13

10.30am  BabyKino: Eighth Grade

1pm         The Sisters Brothers

3.30pm    Eighth Grade

6pm         UKJF: The Samuel Project

8.30pm    The Sisters Brothers


Tuesday 14

11.30am   Eighth Grade

4pm          UKJF: The Samuel Project

7pm          Live Arts on Screen: All My Sons


Wednesday 15

1pm          Eighth Grade

3.30pm     The Sisters Brothers

6pm          UKJF: The Samuel Project

8.30pm     Eighth Grade


Thursday 16

1pm           Eighth Grade

3.30pm      UKJF: The Samuel Project

6pm           The Sisters Brothers

8.30pm      UKJF: The Samuel Project


Friday 17

12pm         Tolkien

2.30pm      Loro


Saturday 18

Building Closed for Shabbat


Sunday 19

11am         Peppa Pig Festival of Fun

2pm           Live Arts on Screen: The Golden Hour

6.10pm      Tolkien

8.30pm      UKJF: The Testament


Monday 20

10.30am    BabyKino: Tolkien

12.45pm    Loro

3.40pm      Tolkien

6pm           UKJF: The Testament

8.30pm      Tolkien


Tuesday 21

1pm           Tolkien

3.30pm      UKJF: The Testament

6pm           The Other Story (Seret redux)

8.30pm      Tolkien


Wednesday 22

3pm            Loro

6pm            UKJF: The Testament

8.30pm       Tolkien


Thursday 23

1pm            Tolkien

3.30pm       UKJF: The Testament

6.15pm       Tolkien

8.30pm       UKJF: The Testament


Friday 24

12pm          Vox Lux

2.30pm       High Life


Saturday 25

Building Closed for Shabbat


Sunday 26

10.30am    Peppa Pig Festival of Fun

1pm           Vox Lux

3.30pm      High Life

6pm           Vox Lux

8.30pm      UKJF: Outdoors


Monday 27

11.30am   Missing Link

3.30pm     High Life

6pm          UKJF: Outdoors

8.30pm     Vox Lux


Tuesday 28

3.30pm     UKJF: Outdoors

6pm          Vox Lux

7pm          Live Arts on Screen: All My Sons

8.30pm     High Life


Wednesday 29

1pm          Vox Lux

3.30pm     High Life

6pm          UKJF: Outdoors

8.30pm     Vox Lux

Thursday 30

1pm          Vox Lux

3.30pm     UKJF: Outdoors

6pm          High Life

8.30pm     UKJF: Outdoors

Friday 31

1pm      Ferrante Fever

3pm      Where Hands Touch

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JW3's Cinema is proud to be a part of a network of eight independent cinemas in London, committed to showing the very best non-mainstream cinema. The network is made up of Genesis Cinema, Rio Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, JW3, Rich Mix, Regent Street Cinema, ArtHouse Crouch End, and Lexi Cinema – all thriving and innovative cinemas in their own right. The Love Your Local Cinema initiative aims to champion London’s independent cinemas, offering audiences a truly memorable cinema-going experience in a way that only your local indie can.

This initiative is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.