JW3 Cinema


Wednesday 12
6pm        Three Identical Strangers
8.30pm   Disobedience

Thursday 13
2.30pm  Three Identical Strangers
6pm       Disobedience
8.30pm  Three Identical Strangers

Friday 14
11am     Peterloo

Saturday 15
8pm      Peterloo

Sunday 16
2pm      Live Arts On Screen: The Madness of George III
5.15pm Peterloo
8.15pm Three Identical Strangers

Monday 17
10.30am BabyKino: Three Identical Strangers
2.30pm   Peterloo
6pm        Three Identical Strangers
8pm        Peterloo

Tuesday 18
2.30pm  Three Identical Strangers
5.45pm  3 Days In Quiberon
8pm       Peterloo

Wednesday 19
2.30pm  3 Days In Quiberon
6pm       Three Identical Strangers
8pm       Peterloo

Thursday 20
2.30pm  Three Identical Strangers
5.30pm  Peterloo
8.30pm  Three Identical Strangers

Friday 21
11.30am Wildlife

Saturday 22
7.30pm  Everybody's Talking About Jamie
8pm       Wildlife

Sunday 23
11.30am Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
2.30pm  Kusama: Infinity
6pm       Wildlife
8.15pm  Budapest Noir

Monday 24
10.30am BabyKino: Wildlife
2.30pm   Wildlife
6pm        Budapest Noir
8.30pm   Wildlife

Tuesday 25
12pm      Happy Feet
2.30pm   Budapest Noir
5pm        Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald
8pm        Wildlife

Wednesday 26
2.30pm   3 Days In Quiberon
6pm        Budapest Noir
8.30pm   Wildlife

Thursday 27
2.30pm   Budapest Noir
6pm        Wildlife
8.30pm   Budapest Noir

Friday 28
11.30am The Old Man & The Gun

Satursday 29
7pm       Live Arts: The King and I
8pm       The Old Man & The Gun

Sunday 30
11am      Ralph Breaks the Internet
1.30pm   PILI
3.30pm   Shoplifters
6pm        The Old Man & the Gun
8.15pm   Budapest Noir

Monday 31
10.30am BabyKino: The Old Man & the Gun
12.30pm The Old Man & the Gun
4pm        Live Arts on Screen: New Years Eve Concert: Daniel Barenboim
6.30pm   Budapest Noir
8.30pm   The Old Man & the Gun


January 2019

Tuesday 1 (Bank Holiday)
2.30pm    Budapest Noir
6pm         Kusama: Infinity
8.30pm    The Old Man & The Gun

Wednesday 2
2.30pm    The Old Man & The Gun
6pm         Budapest Noir
8.30pm    The Old Man & The Gun

Thursday 3
2.30pm    Budapest Noir
6pm         The Old Man & The Gun
8.30pm    Budapest Noir

Sunday 13
Thursday 31

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JW3's Cinema is proud to be a part of a network of eight independent cinemas in London, committed to showing the very best non-mainstream cinema. The network is made up of Genesis Cinema, Rio Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, JW3, Rich Mix, Regent Street Cinema, ArtHouse Crouch End, and Lexi Cinema – all thriving and innovative cinemas in their own right. The Love Your Local Cinema initiative aims to champion London’s independent cinemas, offering audiences a truly memorable cinema-going experience in a way that only your local indie can.

This initiative is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.