JW3 Cinema



Monday 17
10.30am    BabyKino: Wild Rose
3.15pm      Memoir of War
6pm           UKJF: 93Queen
8pm           Rocketman

Tuesday 18
3.30pm      UKJF: 93Queen
5.30pm      Rocketman
8.15pm      Memoir of War

Wednesday 19
3.30pm     Memoir of War
6pm          UKJF: 93Queen
8pm          Rocketman

Thursday 20
1pm          Memoir of War
3.30pm     UKJF: 93Queen
6pm          Rocketman
8.30pm     UKJF: 93Queen

Friday 21
1pm          Gloria Bell
3.15pm     Late Night

Saturday 22
Closed for Shabbat

Sunday 23
10.30am    Detective Pikachu
1pm           Late Night
3.45pm      Gloria Bell
6pm           Refugee week - Return to Calais + Q&A
8.30pm      UKJF: Inside the Mossad

Monday 24
10.30am    BabyKino: Gloria Bell
1pm           Late Night
3.30pm      Gloria Bell
6pm           UKJF: Inside the Mossad
8.30pm      Late Night 

Tuesday 25
2.15pm     Late Night
4.30pm     UKJF: Inside the Mossad
6.30pm     Late Night
8.40pm     Gloria Bell

Wednesday 26
1pm           Late Night
3.30pm      Gloria Bell
6pm           UKJF: Inside the Mossad
8.30pm      Gloria Bell

Thursday 27
11am         Late Night
1pm           Gloria Bell
3pm           UKJF: Inside the Mossad
5pm           Live Arts On Screen: Nation Theatre Live, Encore Small Island
8.30pm      UKJF: Inside the Mossad


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JW3's Cinema is proud to be a part of a network of eight independent cinemas in London, committed to showing the very best non-mainstream cinema. The network is made up of Genesis Cinema, Rio Cinema, Phoenix Cinema, JW3, Rich Mix, Regent Street Cinema, ArtHouse Crouch End, and Lexi Cinema – all thriving and innovative cinemas in their own right. The Love Your Local Cinema initiative aims to champion London’s independent cinemas, offering audiences a truly memorable cinema-going experience in a way that only your local indie can.

This initiative is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.