Tuesday 3 October

An Embodied Laboratory for Song

The Judaica Project (Ben Spatz, US; Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, Turkey; Agnieszka Mendel, Poland) combines physical performance training techniques with Jewish songs from all over the world. Explore songwork, theatrical creation, and academic research in this multi-faceted event. Followed by discussion with Yvon Bonenfant, Nwando Ebizie, and Shanti Suki Osman.

Ticket price: £6, giving you access to all the events.

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12-5pm: Judaica documentary screenings (this event is not ticketed)

with Ben Spatz, Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel

A series of experimental documentary videos produced by the Judaica project:
‘Diaspora’ (30 minutes)
‘Triptych: Genesis, Kavana, Sabbath’ (25 minutes)
‘He Almost Forgets That There is a Maker of the World’ (30 minutes)
‘ancestors’ (4 minutes)
‘Excerpts from the Songwork Catalogue’ (60 minutes)
‘Epistemic Objects’ (10 minutes)
‘Shishelai: Identity in the Laboratory’ (15 minutes)
‘nefs: embodied self’ (12 minutes)
‘Whispering Letters’ (20 minutes)
‘Dzialoczyce’ (12 minutes)

1-2.30pm: Judaica: Singin Workshop

Come and sing with us! This introductory workshop is intended for everyone who enjoys using their voice or even just wants to try. You do not need to be a singer or have any professional experience. We will work with songs in many different languages and learn about the power of song in our lives and communities.

6-10pm: Judaica: Artist Presentations

Who owns a song? Is it the person who writes it, the person who sings it, or the person who records it? This question provokes new debates in societies where almost everyone carries a recording device in their pocket and where multiculturalism is still accompanied by widespread injustice. Please join six international artists for an extraordinary evening of live presentations, video screenings, and discussion.

Part 1: The Judaica Project (6-7.45pm)
with Ben Spatz (UK/US), Nazlıhan Eda Erçin (UK/Turkey), Agnieszka Mendel (UK/Poland)
The Judaica project combines physical and experimental performance techniques with Jewish songs from all over the world. Weaving together movement, voice, language and video, we share our research into the power of song, the presence of the body, and the politics of culture.

Break (15 mins)

Part 2: Guest Artists (8-10pm)
with Yvon Bonenfant (UK/Canada), Nwando Ebizie (UK/Nigeria), and Shanti Suki Osman (UK/Germany)
Three extraordinary guest artists share their work through video, audio or live presentation and reflect on questions of identity and ownership in relation to the power of song. Moderated by Nazlıhan Eda Erçin.

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