October is Black History Month.

As a charity based on core Jewish values, including Kehillah (Community), Hachlalah (Inclusivity), and Dugma Ishit (Leading by Example), we have a responsibility to react, respond and educate ourselves, now more than ever.

This month, JW3 is hosting a series of events exploring the history of Black people in the UK, hearing the stories of Black Jews in the UK and focusing on how to combat racism in Jewish spaces and communities, and beyond.  

From workshops on Black UK History 101 and The Power of Words and Inclusiveness, to prominent Jewish artists reading their ‘would be’ Bar or Bat Mitzvah speeches, we invite you to join, participate, speak and most importantly, listen to the stories and voices of Black people, Jews and others, in the UK and around the world.  

Check out more details on our Black History Month events below.

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