Arthur Brand is known as the Indiana Jones of the Art world.

He recovered ancient treasures, exposed counterfeiters, solved museum robberies and traced looted art being exhibited in world-famous museums.

JW3 are delighted to have Arthur in conversation with Patrick Bade, art expert, author, lecturer and broadcaster about recovering ‘Striding Horses’ Hitler’s favourite statue, which disappeared during the bombing of Berlin was thought to have been destroyed.

As Brand goes undercover to find the horses, he discovers a terrifying world ruled by neo-Nazis and former KGB agents, where Third Reich memorabilia sells for millions of dollars. The stakes get ever higher as Brand carefully lays his trap to catch the criminal masterminds trying to sell the statue on the black market. But who are they? And will he manage to bring them to justice before they discover his real identity?

Patrick Bade will interview Arthur about this remarkable true story which is uncovered in Brand’s book Hitler’s Horses.

This event is supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Please note

This event will take place online only. A Zoom link to join will be included in the confirmation email upon booking.

Date - Mon 18 October 2021 7:30pm


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