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How to: Series

A dedicated hub of one-off masterclasses offered by experts in their field, from housebuying to nutrition. For each session you'll receive a Zest voucher for a free hot or soft drink when ou buy a cake or pastry (excludes rugelach and halva cookies). 

Monday 9 January or Tuesday 21 February

How To: Make Relationships Work

Mon 7.30-9pm / Tues 12noon-1.30pm

£10, £8 Web Advance

This session, facilitated by Rivka Mennesson - an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist at the Jewish Marriage Council - explores the ups and downs of relationships.

Monday 23 January or Wednesday 8 March

How To: Appreciate Antiques

Mon 7.30-9pm / Wed 1-2.30pm

£10, £8 Web Advance

Jeffrey Gendler is an expert in antiques from silver to porcelain, from rare furniture to decorative vases and jewellery. This masterclass will guide you in what to look out for when considering the purchase of an antique or when to pause during your stroll through a museum. How can you recognize the intriciacies of traditional workmanship? What design and structure was favoured by craftsmen who refined their skills into an 'art' form many decades ago? If you wish, do bring a small piece along for a quick appraisal.

Tuesday 24 January

How To: Succeed in Social Media


£10, £8 Web Advance

Alex Willimott, a senior digital strategist at WCRS, an integrated marketing communications agency, discusses how the digital landscape is changing and what this means for brands. For anyone wanting to know more about how and why social media works.

Sunday 19 February

How To: Nurture our Potential


£25, £20 Web Advance

Join an experienced teacher in psychoanalytic psychology helping us to discover our potential and gain greater self-confidence. May fulfil CPD requirements for some counsellors and psychotherapists.

Sunday 5 March

How To: Take a Great Shot


£10, £8 Web Advance

Edie, photographer for the Times and the BBC, and international lecturer, highlights the thinking processes behind better content. With hints and personal stories, from photographing Pavarotti to a stint in a Moroccan prison.

Tuesday 14 March

How To: Look After Your Skin


£10, £8 Web Advance

Faye Layton-McCann from Skin3 covers the common sense and simple approach to skin care based on individual needs and without toxic invasion. What are the best ingredients science and nature can provide for your skin’s changing conditions? What are the new techniques on the market? Small goodie bag/voucher included.

Monday 20 March

How To: Optimise Your Well-Being


£10, £8 Web Advance

An experienced Reiki healer, Mandy introduces you to simple techniques to boost your immune system, energy and vitality, how to metabolise your food better and how to protect yourself against negativity.

Monday 27 March

How To: Buy of Let a Home


£10, £8 Web Advance

In light of new Brexit and 2016/17 Budget consequences, property solicitor Keith Brooks touches on legal and practical issues with residential purchases (including leasehold), renewals of short leases and buying for investment. The session will also look at what to consider when thinking of hosting for Airbnb.

Tuesday 28 March

How To: Manage Modern Life Through Nutrition


£10, £8 Web Advance

As a doctor and dietitian with over 30 years’ experience in NHS hospitals and the private sector, Nona’s passion is a healthy diet and fit lifestyle. Focusing on new findings, diets and cutting edge research, she explores how nutrition can prevent chronic disease and the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles.