Holocaust By Bullets

Uncovering the Nazi Massacres in Eastern Europe 1941-44

Between 1941 and 1944, over 2 million Jews were massacred when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Until recently, this chapter of Holocaust history was relatively unknown. In 2004, Father Patrick Desbois initiated an ongoing effort to thoroughly research it. His ‘Yahad - In Unum’ research teams ask the aging witnesses to share their memories and videotape their testimony, in order to identify and record each site of mass execution of Jews, Roma and other victims, to make sure that their traces do not disappear from the earth and that they can be respectfully memorialised. This exhibition by Yahad - In Unum has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. We are proud to be bringing it to the UK for the first time, exclusively at JW3.

Part of the Holocaust by Bullets exhibition's event programme:

Tuesday 9 May

Father Patrick Desbois in conversation with Trudy Gold


£12 Standard, £10 Web Advance

Join Father Patrick Desbois, the founder of Yahad - In Unum, for a special keynote lecture. Father Patrick Desbois is an internationally renowned humanitarian and activist founded Yahad – In Unum in 2004. It is a global organization raising consciousness of the sites of Jewish and Roma mass executions by Nazi killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II.

Wednesday 10 May

UK Premiere: Not Idly By - Peter Bergson, America and the Holocaust (Film)


£15 Standard, £12 Web Advance

In the early 1940s, Peter Bergson, abandoned his role as Irgun organizer in the US on reading the first accounts of the Nazis’ mass murder of Jews. He launched a campaign to pressure the Roosevelt Administration to save the Jews, only to find himself attacked by the organized American Jewish leadership, who argued that such “special pleading” risked stoking anti-Semitism. Filmmaker Pierre Sauvage has produced a powerful account of Bergson’s recuse efforts and will be part of the panel and audience discussion for this first UK showing of the film. He will be joined by former Jewish Chronicle editor Ned Temko and award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster Jonathan Freedland.

Tuesday 16 May

Between Listening and Telling: Last Witnesses, Auschwitz 1945-2005


£12 Standard, £10 Web Advance

Esther Shalev-Gerz is internationally recognised for an artistic practice that investigates the construction of knowledge, of history, of the natural world and cultural identities. Her works challenge the notion and practice of portraiture and consider how its qualities may contribute to contemporary discourse about the politics of representation.

Thursday 18 May

German Concentration Camp Factual Survey (Film)


£12 Standard

This film has an 18 certificate. Please note that this documentary contains very graphic images which some viewers may find upsetting. The complete cut of an ambitious 1945 documentary about Nazi Germany’s concentration camps, made to damn the regime and shame the German people into acceptance of Allied occupation.

Tuesday 23 May

Holocaust by Bullets: Reflections on a Mass Grave


£12 Standard, £10 Web Advance

The renowned human rights lawyer and award-winning author speaks about the mass graves of Zolkiew (now Zhovkva), in Ukraine, featured in his best selling book East West Street, in his powerful film My Nazi Legacy, and in his new book City of Lions.

Wednesday 24 May

British Intelligence, Concentration Camps and the Holocaust


£20 Standard, £16 Web Advance

We'll examine what the British Secret Services, MI5 and MI6, knew about the Holocaust and when. The mass and detail of material being gathered was staggering. Why was the evidence not used at Nuremberg and even more importantly, why did the Allies not bomb the concentration camps and railway lines? We'll see the shocking evidence that has come to light, raising important questions.