Gateways Students

Students come to Gateways from a wide range of backgrounds, through many different referring bodies. The staff team tailormakes a programme designed around each student’s academic and emotional needs, as every individual requires a different level of care and support. Below are three examples of students currently enrolled on the programme.

Female, age 15

This student suffers from anxiety and depression, which has led to her finding it increasingly difficult to attend school. She became withdrawn and her irregular sleep pattern exacerbated her symptoms. Following
her referral to Gateways, she now attends weekly Maths and English lessons and is on track to sit her Functional Skills exams in the summer term.

Male, age 21

No longer at school, this student has become estranged from his community and has struggled to find his place within the wider world. With little structure to his days, Gateways has provided the environment and opportunity to re-enter the education system. He is now working towards acquiring Functional Skills Level 2 in English. This is a stepping stone to building his confidence in moving forward to a career.

Male, age 17

This student was semi-excluded from school for behavioural issues, this student now spends three full days at Gateways engaging in Personal Training, Food Academy and Life Skills courses. The aim is to enable him to reintegrate into mainstream school in the coming year. Gateways will continue to support and mentor him throughout this process.

Images have been posed by models in order to protect students’ identities