Festival of the Mind

Sunday 2 April

Festival of the Mind returns for the third year to explore the worlds of psychology, mindfulness and mental well-being. Buy tickets for at least three events and get 20% off. Between 12noon and 3pm Simona Lyons will be holding one-to-one Bibliotherapy sessions (approximately 20mins) for £8, providing tailor-made literary fixes to take away (booking via Box Office only). Plus, we’re screening Pixar’s acclaimed Inside Out (£8), at 6pm the Lit Café Book Club discusses Oliver Sack’s Uncle Tungsten and in our FREE Crafternoon, 2-5pm, enjoy making your very own brain puzzles - for ages 2+, children must be accompanied by an adult.

Activities & Workshops

Mindfulness and Meditation, 11am-12noon, £8
Join Nikki Levitan, an empowerment coach and well-being facilitator, for an experiential workshop which you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of mindfulness and meditation.

The Freuds in Hampstead, 11am-1pm, £15
Sigmund Freud escaped Vienna in 1938 to ‘die in freedom’, and his home in Hampstead became a magnet for other European refugees.

My Anxieties have Anxieties, 2-3.30pm, £8
Worry and anxiety are familiar emotions in Jewish culture. So what is the difference between ‘normal’ anxiety and an anxiety disorder? Can we learn to cope better? Does mindfulness help? At what point do we need to seek professional support?

Circlesongs with Guillermo Rozenthuler, 2.30-3.45pm, £8
Come and join us for some circle singing, a form of group singing that connects with ancestral ways of music making.

Talks & Performances

Memory Artist, 12.30-1.30pm, £8
Daniel Kilov was the silver medallist at the 2011 and 2012 Australian Memory Championships and holds a national record for the memorisation of abstract images. In addition to talking about his own journey from memory neophyte to national record holder, Daniel will share the techniques and methods he uses to train his memory.

Sarah Bennetto’s Story Tellers’ Club, 4.30-5.45pm, £8
Replacing the event Comedians on the Couch. Three of the freshest, funniest comedy brains on the circuit tell tales of the mind in a Story Tellers’ Club special edition. Storytellers' Club could contain secrets, confessions, ghost stories, wild travel anecdotes, love and laughs, and is most definitely for adults. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Positive Change, 6-7pm, £8
Psychotherapist Martin Weaver will respond to your frustrations around change and offer tips to help you build a positive relationship with your emotions.

The Sound of Mind, 7.45-9pm, £12
The Cabinet of Living Cinema return to JW3, using film and music to explore the world of dreams, altered states, erotic fantasy and neuroses.


Lit Cafe Book Club: Uncle Tungsten, 6 - 7.15pm, £5
We’re celebrating 40 years of the JQ Wingate Literary Prize with a new book club that celebrates past winners. This season, to tie in with JW3’s Festival of the Mind, we’ll consider Uncle Tungsten by legendary neurologist Oliver Sacks. Read it and come along to discuss it with writer and broadcaster Tim Samuels.


Crafternoon: Festival of the Mind, 2-5pm, FREE
For ages 2+. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Inside Out, 11am-1pm, £8
Pixar’s Academy Award winning Inside Out explores five major emotions along with short and long term memory by bringing them to life with dynamic, funny and moving characters.

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