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the capturing piece

  • the captured piece
  • all pieces, except pawns, on surrounding orthogonal squares (ie. a king's move away)
  • A player wins by removing the opponents' king (by direct capture or explosion)
  • Moves which cause a player's own king to explode are not allowed
  • Coin Chess Background: Unknown inventor Rules:
    • Normal rules apply except for the introduction of a coin (or counter)
    • Black starts by placing the coin on any unoccupied square. Play then continues with players alternating turns as in normal chess.
    • On their turn, a player makes any legal move but may not move onto the square where the coin has been placed. The player may move over (but not onto), the coin square.
    • The player ends their turn by leaving the coin where it stands or moving the coin to a different unoccupied square.
    • The coin can never be placed on an occupied square, and therefore cannot be used to protect a piece from capture
    • A player wins by checkmating the opponent. Note that the coin can be used to remove escape squares from the king.



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