The Karl Höcker Album

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Please note there will be an additional workshop at 5pm prior to the performance.

The Karl Höcker Album is an attempt to understand the historical catastrophe of Auschwitz from the largely unexamined perspective of the perpetrators. Using documentary theatre techniques, improvisation, research and scripted drama, the piece explores the all-too-human men and women who carried out the final solution. By reanimating the photographs, the audience is asked to bear witness to the ordinary daily lives of the workers, managers, and executives who ran the Auschwitz death factory.

This documentary theatre project challenges traditional narratives about the executioners of the Holocaust, unmasking the monsters of popular imagination, to reveal the ordinary and familiar face of human tragedy. Directed by Paul Bargetto Texts by Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, Produced by Marta Cienkowska, Performed by Marta Król, Grzegorz Sierzputowski, Tomasz Sobczak, Krzysiek Polkowski, Julia Trembecka and Helena Chorzelska Production design by Agnieszka Kaczynska

Performing Photography Workshop

This workshop explores historical photographs using performative techniques as a way to animate memory in Holocaust studies. These methods were originally developed to create the documentary theatre performance The Karl Hocker Album that will be presented directly after the workshop. The workshop offers participants the opportunity to encounter and embody important historical figures, using basic improvisation methods and documentary theatre techniques to gain new insights, understanding, and ways of learning about history.   

Made possible with the support of, the Adam Mickiewiec Institute, Sopot Non-Fiction Festival, Warsaw Culture Office.

Performed in Polish with English surtitles.


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