Join us online for a fun, action-packed half-term, where kids are kept engaged and entertained at our highly popular and much loved drama camp.

Each morning, an expert from our fantastic holiday camp partners, Infinite Jest Theatre Company, will join JW3's Families Programmer Chloe to run specialist drama and craft workshops that stretch the imagination, inspire creativity and boost confidence, with a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Open your minds while schools are closed for an enriching, thought-provoking, fact-finding, game-playing adventure during February half term with Infinite Jest's brilliant team of creative learning specialists.

This isn’t just screen’s JW3 screen time and interactive creative learning at its best.

THEME: The Body

Pete Pancreas, the popular piano-playing prodigy, has a poorly pot-belly. Sarsaparilla the Scientist, Dr Nnnnn Atchoo and Professor Koffendropp can’t figure out why. They’re calling on 5-11 year olds the world over to help them investigate.

So grab your stethoscope and begin the wonderous journey into, on and around The Body, where you’ll be creatively challenged at every turn as you discover what the body is really all about.

Camp Safety


  • You'll need a Zoom account to participate. 
  • You can join any time during the session though we'll be sticking strictly to the timings indicated. 
  • Please set your computer or tablet up in a safe and secure place and make sure that there's enough light on the face! We don't want to see a silhouette! Once the computer is set up your child will not have to touch it. 
  • There needs to be enough room for your child to sit at the computer and also to stand up and move around - a bit! Don't worry we won't encourage them to rush around like crazy. 
  • Our craft activities will use resources that you can find around the house. You’ll also need a glue stick, tape, scissors, card or paper, empty toilet roll tubes, string and colouring pens or pencils. 


  • By booking a ticket, you are consenting to your child taking part in this online activity. 
  • All of our team have up to date DBS forms and are experienced camp leaders. 
  • It remains your responsibility to supervise your child(ren) and ensure their safety. Likewise, we won’t be asking them to touch the computer, but that is up to you to manage. 
  • Please follow guidance about safe use of the internet for children, including making sure they are accessing the internet in communal areas and are clothed. Here is a helpsheet for parents of primary children from Thinkuknow, the national online safety education programme from CEOP, the online child protection command of the National Crime Agency.
  • We will be recording these sessions for safeguarding purposes only. The recordings will not be published or shared. 
  • Please do not record sessions or take screenshots or photos of anything showing anybody else’s children. 
  • Safe numbers: We will not run any ‘one to one’ sessions; in the case of only one booker we will cancel the session and give a full refund. We will have a maximum of 25 households logged on to any session. 

Please note

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