International Women's Day

6-10 March

This International Women's Day JW3 are celebrating every age of womanhood and all the bits in-between. Bring along your niece, your grandmother, your favourite neighbour and enjoy a festival filled with poetry, performance, a meeting of creative mothers, a subversive catwalk, a night of live music and lots more.

Changing Bodies

Wednesday 6 March | 7.30pm 

From childhood to maturity to old age, women’s bodies flux and change, and have been a source of fascination in the arts, science, religion and popular culture. Each stage of womanhood has been reviled, adored, feared and celebrated.

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I'm Every Woman, in partnership with Green Note

Thursday 7 March | 7.30pm

From sparky, energetic girls, to teenage rebels, loving mothers, and wise crones, this concert celebrates the music of all the ages and stages of being a woman.

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Older Women Rock! Workshop with Leah Thorn

Sunday 10 March | 2pm

If you are a Jewish woman over 60 who rocks (or would like to!) this poetry and discussion workshop is a creative opportunity to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings in the company of other like-minded women

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Back to Bat

Sunday 10 March | 8pm

If you could go back in time and rewrite your Bat Mitzva speech, what would you say?

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Older Women Rock! Subversive Catwalk

Sunday 10 March | 7pm

Internationally acclaimed poet Leah Thorn offers her smart and beautiful poems on Older Womenhood to accompany a catwalk showcasing the remarkable collection of designer-clothing inspired by her project, 'Older Women Rock!'

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